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Filming /Photography
Exotic Nature and Culture Filming and Photography in Nepal
 Nepal is a land of unparallel nature and cultural diversity. It is a virgin destination for colorful festival, ritual practices, living cultural heritage that could be a film producers delight.

Similarly dramatic landscape from plains of Terai in the south to the highest point on Earth provides innumerable opportunities to capture natures wonder.

During last six months we had a privilege to be associated with BBC Natural History Unit, Planet Earth and Incredible Journeys series to film Golden Eagle attacking migrating Demoiselle Crane, tracking Bar-headed Geese by satellite radio telemetry, Aerial filming of Everest from helicopter and plane and the Everest wildlife and time lapse of cloud build up in Mt. Everest. We are very proud to have an association with BBC Natural History Unit.

Shopping list of potential filming and photography in Nepal.
 Bon Po Religon in Dolpo and Mustang.
Witch Craft, Shamanism, Pan-animism which are still in practice.
Animal sacrifice in Hindu Temple.
Lord Buddha’s path of peace in Lumbini.
Salt trade route in Kali Gandaki towards Tibet.
Mani Rimdu Festival in Everest foothills.
Story of Living Godess, Kumari, Bhairab and Ganesh.
Chariot Festival of Kumari
Kingdom of God and Goddesses
Kathmandu Living Cultural Museum.
Bajrayana- pre-Buddhist Tantric Buddhism.
Filming of future of the Asia Past.
Exposition of medieval architecture and its technology, pagodas, wooden truss, stone spout.
Die hard pre-historical civilization filming of chowk (courtyards), and viharas in three queen cities of Kathmandu Valley.
Ritual prayer and mask dance in Tibetan monasteries of different sect.

Filming of mega wildlife species:
Rhino, Elephant, Nepalese Tigers, and Clouded Leopard
Indian Gaur Bison, Wild Water Buffalo, Deer (Sambar, Spotted, Hog, Muntjak, Swamp and Musk), Black Buck
Nepalese bears Bear (Sloth, Black and Brown)
Highland Wildlife Filming Snow Leopard, Clouded Leopard, Red Panda, Himalayan Thar, Musk Deer, Blue Sheep, Tibetan Nayan.

Pheasant, Snow Cock, crane migration, birds of prey in Everest, Mustang, Dolpo, and Manang.
Wetland birds, bar-headed Geese, cranes storks, darters,
Gharial crocodile in Narayani River and Gangetic dolphins in Koshi.
Rhododendron bloom, orchids, wild Himalayan flowers filming in Transhimalayan region.
Time lapse filming, aerial shooting in great Himalayan range, river gorges, and deepest canyon of the world.
Geological formations in Mustang,
Paleontological exploration filming.

Above are the few shopping list of the highly potential exotic filming of rare quality. Nepalnature dot com Travel has highly professional manpower and experience to support all kinds of nature and cultural filming in Nepal. 

If your organization has a plan to make documentary, scientific or feature film in Nepal we provide entire ground handling services; from receiving at the airport, custom clearance, research consultant, local hospitality, and entire ground handling support including hotels, travel, airlines booking, food and lodging logistics.

Looking forward to hear from you at the earliest


·         2009 -- The Buddha, Producer David Grubin, David Grubin Productions

·         2008 – Around the world in 80 Faiths BBC Manchester, Producer Graham Johnston, Asst Producer Graham Hoyland, Presenter

·         2007 - Last Man Standing, Nepal. Recce, planning and coordinating with locals and Producer Arif Nurmohammed

·         2007 - Honey Hunting, BBC Natural World, Presenter Jim Doherty

·         2006 - Naturally Nepal, A promotional documentary of wildlife and bird watching tour, a private production by Roger Walsh for Classic Journeys, Nepal Nature and KGH Group of Hotels and Resorts

·         2006 - Alternative Therapy, BBC Science, Producer Milla Harrison

·         2005 - Time lapse, aerial filming of Mount Everest, Red Panda, Musk Deer, Himalayan Munal, Blood Pheasant, Scientific Expert, location expert and Fixer, BBC Natural History Unit, Planet Earth, Producer Vanessa Berlowitz

·         2005 - Bar-headed Geese Migration, BBC One Incredible Journeys, Producer Martin Hugh Games, Presenter Steven Leonard

·         2004 - Crane Migration, Scientific Expert, location manager and coordinator, BBC Natural History Unit, Planet Earth, Producer Vanessa Berlowitz

·         1999 - Rhinos Conservation, As a Wildlife Expert, Focus Asia Star TV

·         1998 – Eagle Migration Scientific Expert, Cameraman David Shale, Brando Quillici Production

·         1995 - Demoiselle Crane Migration, Scientific Expert, NHK Japan,

·         1994 - Honey Hunting – Location and Event Manager, BBC Natural History Unit. Producer Peter Bassett

·         1992 - Demoiselle Crane Migration, Scientific Expert, NHK Japan Producer NHK Japan


Sample Letter

The Secretary,
Ministry of Information and Communication, Government of Nepal,
Singhdurbar, Kathmandu, Nepal.
I hereby apply for the permission to produce the following film in Nepal in accordance with
the film (Production, Exhibition and Distribution) Act, 2026 B.E. and the Rules framed under it.
1. Applicant\'s Name:
Permanent home Address:
Temporary address in Nepal :
2. Passport No.
Issuing office & date:
3. If the Applicant is organization or company,
Registration No., date and office address:
4. Proposed Film\'s:
Type: Name:
Language: Technology:
5. Name of the storywriter:
6. If the story was published, publisher name:
7. Song writer\'s name:
8. Whether the name of the film coincides with the film already produced of proposed film:
9. Number of Artists: Nepali: Foreigners :
10. Number of Technicians: Nepali: Foreigners:
11. Estimated cost of the film:
12. Aim of film production:
13. Other matters, if any:
14. Location:
15. Start date of filming:
16. Consent letter from storywriter or his/her heir:
Signature of the applicant:
Extract from The Film (Production, Exhibition and Distribution) Rules, 2057 B.S.
(Amendment 2060.)
1. License to produce feature films shall remain valid for three years. As regards other films, the
license shall remain valid for one year.
2. MOIC can depute a Liaison officer during the shooting of the film and the producer should bear
the cost of the Liaison Officer\'s ground or air transport, accommodation and daily allowance
according to rules. In mountainous region, necessary clothes, tools and medical facilities should
be provided (Non-Refundable).
3. The film producer shall make arrangement for Rs. 3,00,000 worth of life insurance of the Liaison
officer covering the entire tenure of outdoor shooting.
4. In case of accidents during the shooting period where the Liaison officer succumbs to injuries
the film producer must bear the cost of his/her medical expenses and a lump sum amount
decided by the Compensation Decision Committee formed according to law which will not
exceed Rs. 200000.
5. Where the film producer is a foreign national he must apply for permission in the nearest
Nepalese Embassy or Consulate General\'s Office before the public show. Rs. 15,000/- or
equivalent of that amount should deposited as a royalty fees in A/C 1-1-5-99 and Rs.500/- for
censor fees in concerned office.
6. Where the film producer is a foreign national, he/she must submit a copy the film to MOIC for
free of cost.
7. During the shooting of the film, the presence of Liaison Officer is compulsory.
Procedures for the licensing following documents are necessary:
1. Application form as prescribed by the rules affixing Nepalese postal stamp amounting of
2. Synopsis of the filming story.
3. Name list of Crew members with bio-data.
4. Equipment list with values for custom clearance.
5. Itinerary.
6. Consent letter of concerned organization
- Consent letter of Dept, of Archaeology if filming in archaeological place Kathmandu,
Patan, Bhaktapur, Durbar Square, Boudhanath, Pashupatinath, Lumbini, Shoyambhunath
- Consent letter of National Trust for Nature Conservation if filming in Annapurna
conservation areas.
- Consent letter of Ministry of Tourism & Civil Aviation if filming is in upper Mustang
and upper Dolpa Paying their fees US $ 5000 per each places.
- Consent letter for department of wild life conservation if filming in conservation areas.
- Consent letter of Lumbini Development Fund if filming Kapilvastu birth place of Lord
Gautam Buddha.


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