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Rivers / Lakes
Rivers of Nepal, The Untamed Beauty of Nature

Rivers in Nepal are treated as goddesses. They are the ever flowing and inspiring source of beauty, abundance and infinite adventure. The rugged topography, extreme variations and excessive snow melting in Nepal make this mountain kingdom blessed with blosoming, flowering rivers, running across the country. This makes Nepal an obvious choice for river adventure.

River journeys in Nepal are electrifying and nerve thrilling. Your life flashes before you as you comfortably hurtle towards monster boulders and towering walls of water. So come let us indulge in this maddening and bone chilling experience.

Fast Facts
Name    Location    Speciality    Distance    Duration
Sunkoshi Eastern Nepal    The Golden River    270 km    9 days
Trisuli Central Nepal    Best for White water rafting    38 km    ½ day
Marshyangdi Western Nepal    The Thrilling River    47 km    4 days
Seti Western Nepal    The Isolated River    35 km    2 days
Kali Gandaki Western Nepal    Best for Kayaking    70 km    5 days
Karnali Mid Western Nepal    Largest and longest river    180 km    5 days

Ultimate Sports Adventure & Activities
Nepal is a country of adventures. The raging rivers, high mountains, exotic valleys and jungle safaris are all sources of adventure. Cited below are some of the most thrilling and engaging adventurous activities of Nepal.

River Rafting/White Water Rafting
River Rafting is journeying on torrential river on an inflatable rubber boat. A River Raft is the most enjoyable way of checking one\'s guts. Both amateur and experienced rafters equally enjoy it. A river trip also provides the opportunity for geological surveys and fishing.

In a country like Nepal, blessed by Himalayan rivers, a river trip is one of the best ways to explore a typical cross section of the country\'s natural as well as ethno-cultural heritage. The river is regarded as a form of goddess and is used for the purpose of various religious rituals under both Hinduism and Buddhism. A variety of cultural activities can be witnessed being performed along the river. The adjoining slopes of the river often harbor dense vegetation and interesting wildlife.

A water sport, kayaking is a very enjoyable river adventure, specially in the blossoming rivers of Nepal. Kayaks are made from a special type of plastic and have floatation devices inserted to aid buoyancy. Kayakers move through the water with a double blade paddle, and are able to negotiate rapids and obstacles on the river.

With its wide range of rivers and wealth of challenging rapids, Nepal is the perfect destination for Kayakink. Whether you are a total beginner or an experienced white water kayaker keen to tackle one of the challenging rivers, Nepal is ideal for you.

One can spend hours sitting at the banks of Nepal rivers and watching the waves playing with each other admist the most earthen background. An evening more relaxed, soothing and calm is hard to imagine. If you long for a dream-like, heavenly experience, then let your soul feel the tranquility of being near to Nature\'s one of the most amiable gift i.e. the rivers of Nepal.

Know-How of River Basins
The splendid rivers of Nepal can be divided into three categories in accordance to their origins. The first category comprises the three main river systems of the country - the Koshi, Gandaki and Karnali river systems, all of them originating from glaciers and snow-fed lakes.

The Koshi River System
•    The Koshi river system consists of Tamor, Arun, Dudhkoshi, Likhu, Tamakoshi, Sunkoshi and Indravati rivers.
•    The Arun and Sunkoshi originate in Tibet. The confluence of these rivers is at Tribeni (near Dharan) in Sagarmatha Zone.
•    Flowing for almost 10 kms through a narrow gorge before entering the plains, the \'Sapta Kosi\' or simply the \'Koshi\', swollen with the waters of the seven rivers, finally merges into the Ganges.
•    The Kali Gandaki originates in Mustang and converges with the Trishuli at Deoghat in Chitwan. The river is then called the \'Narayani\' and goes on to meet the Ganges.
The Gandaki River System
•    The Kali Gandaki originates in Mustang and converges with the Trishuli at Deoghat in Chitwan. The river is then called the \'Narayani\' and goes on to meet the Ganges.
•    The Gandaki river system in central Nepal consists of the Kali Gandaki, Budhi Gandaki, Marsyanghi, Trishuli, Seti, Madi and Daraundi rivers.
•    The Kaligandaki is the longest river and the Trishuli, the main tributary of this system.
The Karnali River System
•    The Karnali river system in Western Nepal consists of the Humla Karnali, Mugu Karnali, Seti and Bheri rivers and is the longest river system in the country.
•    The Humla Karnali, which rises in Tibet, is the main tributary. After entering India, this river assumes the name Gogra.

Nepalese Lakes, Gravitational Energy

Majestic, splendid and holy... the lakes of Nepal are reverred not only for their natural beauty but also for the spiritual importance attached to them. There are around two hundred lakes in Nepal of glacial and tectonic origin. Mountain lakes like Rara, Phoksundo and Phewa are majestic in extent and beauty.

Fast Facts
Lake    Category    Location    Water Surface Area (hct)
Rara Tal    Mountain Lake    Mugu District    1000
Phewa Tal    Mid-hill lake    Pokhara    523
GosikundaTal    Mountain lake    Himal region    -
Pokshundu Tal    Montain Lake    Dopla District    180

Other Popular Lakes in Nepal
Mid-hill Lakes    Low Land Lakes
Begnas Tal    Rupia Tal
Rupa Tal     Gadhbhijala Tal
Deepang Tal    Nakhrodi Tal
Khaste Tal    Badhaiya Tal
Maidee Tal    Sakhunia Tal
Syarpu Tal    BudhiTal
Rokum Tal    Gaindhawa Tal
Mahadev Tal     Beesh Hazar Tal
Kailali     Halkhoria Tal

Nepal lakes are famous for their crystal clear water, scenic backgrounds and the adventure activities that they offer. Cited below are two of the activities that keep you fresh and vigorous like the blue waters of the lakes themselves.

The pleasure of touching water waves while siting on a boat cannot be described in words. A relaxing boat drive on Phewa lake of Pokhara is one of the most soothing experiences in Nepal. Leisure boating can be done in various locations. Pokhara, set in a lush topical alley, with a backdrop of the Annapurna range, is blessed with many lakes and is the most famous spot for boating activities.

The Phewa, Begnas and Rupa lakes provide enough space for boating experiences. Phewa Lake is Pokhara\'s prime attraction for photographers, boaters and shore side strollers.Visitors love sending an hour or two rowing (or being rowed by one of the local boats men) through the many inlets, with a visit to the Varahi island temple.

Nepal, the world\'s second rich country in the water resources having numbers of rivers and lakes, is an ideal location for fishing and angling. There are some specific ethnic group in the hills and Terai region of Nepal whose lifestyle has been based on Fishing. Bote, Majhi, Tharu and Machhuwar are some of them.

With approximately 118 varieties of fresh water fish found in the Himalayan waters of Nepal, fishing can be really exciting. Mahaseer is the most commonly sought sport fish, besides mountain stream trout-like varieties and lowland water species. Pokhara\'s crystal clear lakes are the best for fishing.


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