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About Nepal

Nepal the land of Everest and the water towers of Asia
The Birthpace of Buddha, the light of Asia.
Home of diverse culture, ethnicity and multilingual society; in other words the melting pot of South Asia.
The land of Tigers, Rhinos, Elephants, Snow Leopards, Yak and Yeti.
The convergence of sub-tropics, temperate, Alpine and arctic region.
The land of Terai, Siwaliks, Doons, Mahabharata, Himalaya and Bhot.



Major Cities of Nepal 
As the name means in Hindi, Bhaktpur is the "City of
Devotees". This divine, ancient town is famous for its multi-storeyed pagodas. Bhaktpur has a calm, soothing and spiritual atmosphere and is one of the most peaceful cities of Nepal.


Dreams of Kew are the facts of Kathmandu.
Kathmandu was once defined "As many houses as many temple, as many idols as many people, as many days as many festivals"
The adobe of the god, goddesses and the meditation site of the saints and spiritual destination of sages.

The capital of Nepal, Kathmandu valley, is the biggest and the most cosmopolitan city of Nepal. Known as the 'City of Temples', it has great temples with historic, architectural and religious importance attached to them. Famous for its rocking casinos, Kathmandu is the meeting point of various ethnic groups. The unique element of the city is that it is a fabled capital of convivial pilgrims and carved rose-brick temples as well as a frenetic sprawl of modern towers and spunky casinos.

The city of fine arts, Patan is the shopping hub of traditional handicrafts and carpets. The city is blessed with beautiful temples and stupas. The Phulchokri mountain near Patan is an excellent spot for hiking. The diversity of the medieval culture has left a rich legacy of impressive sightseeing in the city attracting tourists from far and wide.

This mystical city is rightly called the "
Center of Adventure". With sky touching mountains and dazzling waterfalls, the city is indeed a visitors' paradise. In close proximity to nature, this beautiful city of Nepal offers the most esthetic panoramic view of the Himalayas.

Lumbini-the birthplace of Buddha
Listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO, Lumbini is the birth place of Lord Buddha. The historical city of
Lumbini is blessed with rich natural setting and astonishing architectural beauty. Located in South-Western Terai of Nepal, the historic city takes one back to 623 B.C.

Spiritual city of Hindus, the birthpalce of Queen Sita, the country of King Janak and the inlaws of Lord Rama. This ancient Mithila Kingdom is a spiritual destination. The majestic Janaki Temple is the great attraction for the hindu devotees. Biaha Panchami si the greated festival depcting the marrigae to Lord Rama and Queen Sita. 

Located in the lower Terai region and known as the transport hub for western
Nepal, the town is the starting point of the adventurous treks to Dopla and Jumla regions. The border crossing, 6 km south of Nepalganj, is one of the limited number of places where non-Indian foreigners are allowed to cross the border with India.

Birgunj, the commercial capital of
Nepal is the second largest city in the country, located in the lower Terai plains, near the Indian border. It isgateway to the major imported good from India and the world. 


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